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Hormone Optimization

FEEL LIKE YOURSELF AGAIN with BioTE® Medical’s Bioidentical Hormone Optimization.

Balanced hormone levels are key to wellness, but not every approach to hormone replacement therapy is ideal. The body may not easily recognize the synthetic hormones in shots, and creams can be a hassle. Plus, daily or weekly applications of synthetic hormones and shots often result in uncomfortable hormonal swings. Traditional approaches often offer a one-size-fits-all treatment rather than providing each patient with a customized dose giving them just what they need over time.

There is a better way…

What is BioTE?

The BioTE Method is a hormone optimization therapy that delivers an individualized dose of hormones steadily, over time using high quality bio-identical pellets. After a consultation at Amazing Face Aesthetics and careful assessment of lab results, a customized plan is created to fit each patients’ unique needs. Communication continues with a six-week follow up and another lab review to ensure that the body is responding ideally. Patients can feel the difference and learn quickly to assess when they are ready for another treatment.

What patients are saying about BioTe…

“My husband and I have been married for twenty-eight years. We enjoyed a very active sex life until I reached menopause. I went to different doctors stating there was no desire on my part at all!! Nothing was offered to make it better. After about 8 years it was very dismal. In just two months our life has completely changed!! We are experiencing the same intimacy that we enjoyed when we were first married at my now age of 65!!”

What is the hormone optimization process like?

Once hormone levels are evaluated and a plan is in place, patients are ready for their first treatment. During the insertion procedure, Nurse Practitioner Stephanie numbs the hip, makes a tiny incision, implants the pellets just under the skin and applies a small bandage. Most patients say they feel a slight pressure, but no pain. Patients are asked to refrain from workouts for a few days and keep the incision area clean and dry. Otherwise, they are free to resume normal activities right away.

Who benefits from BioTE hormone optimization?

Symptoms of hormone imbalance are often overlooked in both women and men. BioTE addresses a multitude of wellness issues including:
· Poor sleep quality or insomnia:
· Body aches, Irritability or mood swings, Depression:
· Night sweats:
· Waistline weight gain, decreased muscle mass:
· Low libido:
· Post workout pain
· "Brain Fog"

The steady release of bio-identical hormone pellets, as used in the BioTE Method, results in true benefits for women and men…

· increased bone density and strength
· better brain function
· development of muscle mass
· general sense of well-being
· heightened libido and performance
· stress relief