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Aesthetic Service

We offer a wide variety of services to make you feel like the best version of yourself. Call today to schedule as appointment to get started on your Amazing Face transformation.

Neuromodulator Toxins

We offer treatments with Botox and Xeomin. These neuromodulators help decrease current wrinkles and prevent new wrinkles from forming. Botox and Xeomin can be injected anywhere in the face and neck to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When injected into certain muscles, you can achieve lifting on certain parts of the face as well. The forehead and around the eyes are the most common placed to treat with neuromodulators.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be used all over the body to keep you feeling and looking youthful. Filler can be used in the cheeks, temporal area, lips, around the mouth, hands, legs, arms, and neck. Filler can do many things for you. From making your lips more plump, to smoothing out loose skin above the knees or on the back of the arm.

PDO threads

PDO threads are placed just under the skin either fill in wrinkles or acne scars or lift the face to correct sagging in the lower face or neck. Over time, PDO threads used to fine lines and scars, stimulate your natural collagen to fill those areas.


At Amazing Face Aesthetics we offer 2 types of microneedling. We have Microneedling with radiofrequency, and skin pen microneedling. Morpheus8 RF works to tighten & lift the skin, while skin pen focuses more on texture related issues like large pores, fine lines, and scarring.


Microdermabrasion is a process that removes the dead skin from your face using a combination of crystals and suction. The process leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Chemical Peels

This very easy treatment is good for removing surface blemishes and allowing healthy skin to shine through. This peel will also help promote even skin tone.


PRP or Platelet rich plasma can be used for many different areas of the body. It can promote hair growth, new collagen formation to fill fine lines and acne scarring, and even used in sensitive areas to increase sensations.


Have unwanted spider veins on your legs? Spider veins are most commonly found on the back of the calves. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a medication directly into the vein. The following days after treatment, you will see those veins start to fade and eventually disappear. Multiple treatments may be needed depending on the severity.

Skinny shots

LipoB skinny shots can be given three times weekly. They contain B Vitamins as well as an appetite suppressant to keep you feeling fuller, longer. When combined with a healthy diet and some exercise, you’ll see those extra pounds start falling off!


Our Hydrafacial treatment removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately effective. We tailor our Hydrafacial treatments to each patient, and they are very customizable to fit YOUR skins individual needs!

Oxygen Facial

Our oxygen facial uses different products to increase oxygen brought to the skin. This can increase collagen and elastin, increase healing time, decrease acne and much more! These facials leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed!


Dermaplaning removes pesky peach fuzz & rough, dead skin cells to create a smooth, even texture of the skin. This allows for a more flawless makeup application & deeper product absorption. Dermaplaning can be added to any facial, or performed alone.

VI Peels

We have multiple different versions of the VI Peel that can target different skin concerns such as Hyperpigmentation (dark spots), acne & acne scarring, fine lines, and more! Your aesthetician will be able to select your peel type based upon what skin concerns you want to improve.

Lash & Brow Treatements

For eyebrows, we offer laminating & tinting to give the brows a more uniform, “brushed up” look. For lashes, we offer lash lifting & tinting to give the lashes the same effect as an eyelash curler, with less damage & less daily maintenance.


At amazing face aesthetics, we offer facial waxing such as eyebrows, upper lip, chin, cheeks, etc.

Skincare Products

We carry several brands of skincare, Revison, ZO, and Neocutis. We have products that cleanse, exfoliate, and treat signs of aging, uneven tone, etc. We use all of these products ourselves daily & recommend using them to prolong your in-office treatment results!

Revision Skin Care

We have the Revisions skin care line available for purchase at our clinic. We use these products daily and recommend them to all our clients.